The chapter of the monograph by Russian scientist Reznikov BF “A vaccine against cancer (and other diseases associated with normal immunity)”


The carriers of magical nectar of life

After ensuring that the vaccine is effective only at the early stages of the treatment of various tumors when a patient requires only two days of bed rest after vaccination, and on the third day, as a rule, they are included in the mode of working, and further one can observe a gradual return to health without any medication supplements. We rarely vaccinated individuals with advanced tumors and it was only when the patient agreed to the surgery and the surgeon didn’t object to the vaccination before and after surgery. We refused to vaccinate the patients who suffered from the cancer of the blood because leucosis and other related diseases are essentially pathology of cellular immunity. Therefore the health-promoting effect should not be expected from the active vaccine immunization but from the passive immunization by donors’ immune blood transfusion immunized with the help of vaccine. But it is possible only in stationary conditions.

The majority of our patients were those with hormone-dependent tumors – ovarian, breast, uterine cancer. One had the impression that there was an epidemic of hormone-dependent tumors, which resulted in the deaths of a large number of women. An analysis of the causes of these tumors in a large number of patients showed that the epidemic of hormone-dependent tumors was artificially created namely by these patients with the participation of health care workers and religious mistakes. We tried to convey these examinations to the population at large in popular newspaper articles in cooperation with the journalist Nikolay Leonidovich Yagur. Studying the vaccine formation, which is particularly effective in hormone-dependent cancer treatment, we have made a number of observations concerning the effects of sex hormones on the cancer cells and social behavior. Sex hormone is a powerful natural regulator of child-bearing and gender interrelations.

Nature can not be violated and conquered, nature should be learnt where everyone should keep within its wise laws, especially connected with gender interrelations. What is the difference between one gender and the other? First, in the prevalence of male or female hormones. In the process of fertilization men hormones always dominate, putting in motion the spermatic filaments which work with the help of glycolysis. They also can provoke the formation of tumors receiving the energy, one more time, with the help of glycolysis. Namely these reasons could explain the fact that men’s muscle power with the same body weight is 20% higher than women’s and, moreover, the males of all animal species, including humans, are the initiators of sexual intercourse to get rid of the excess of male hormones. By all means, there is another less pleasant way to reset the hormones that is a physical exercise, i.e. their “burning” during work or activity. But in any case, if the body can not get rid of the excess of hormones, a man becomes nervous, unstable and aggressive. And there is a probability that he will get prostate cancer in elderly age. An additional point is that if the bachelors don’t go in for sport and prostitutes receive the androgens in excess, they will rapidly grow old and won’t be long-livers. So, if they are not the bearers of the family name, the nature simply deletes them.

Taking into consideration the fact that the individuals are able to obtain the energy intensively at the same time due to breath and glycolysis, they possess speed and strength endurance. Therefore, before pubescence boys and girls should be employed by manual labour on PE lessons and at home. Another thing is after pubescence. The intensity of exercises should be increased twice for boys, and reduced for girls, because the female sex hormones do not stimulate but, on the contrary, make slow the glycolysis and the appearance of tumors. That is why girls do not need any additional exercises to “burn” their hormones. People often say: “She didn’t resist” – meaning that the girl suddenly as if not realizing devoted herself to the young man. But this is true – she didn’t resist! When a boyfriend hugs a girl – forces leave her, the body doesn’t obey and the legs give way. But this is nothing more than the results of the slowdown of glycolysis because at this very moment the female hormones reduce the intensity of oxygenless breath of the organism.

Hormones interfere with human social behavior. There are a lot of composed songs and poems about girlfriend’s “honeysweet lips”. Poetry, music, glory… But behind all of this again is a common biology.

Influenced by female hormones a girl turns into young lady – in a beautiful flower with the unique beauty and… Smell. Yes, the smell! If the young men didn’t smoke they could accurately choose the one and only life partner by this unique scent. While the girl blossoms, female hormones exist in her tears and saliva, on her plush lips and on loving juice of her vagina. She can be compared with a flower that attracts bees by its aroma and gives the drops of the nectar to her boyfriend. That is why the girls are sweet. That is why it is impossible to stop the kissing lovers. The more a man caresses a woman, the more these hormones of her body appear and she becomes sweeter and more beautiful. And a man by kissing and coition gets magical nectar of love – the woman’s hormones; inexplicable pleasure becomes serene and thus extends the duration of life. For all of this, for this smell of “love” men at all tames worshipped a woman, performed exploits and follies in her honor, composed charming music and painted masterpieces.

“No fool like an old fool”.

Such men’s delight of paradise can last from 17 to 100 years, but not in everyone, only 20 % may have it. The rest at the ages after 50-60 years can deal with tough time of which the proverb says: “No fool like an old fool.” To understand what kind of fool it is you need to understand why these 20 % of men were going to be lucky. There were a lot of conversations concerning these intimate topics with the patients and simply with retired people sitting on the benches near the house which showed that these old men were happy in their marriages from the tender age till last days. Quivering love in youth merges gradually into respect and they have never rejected their masculine responsibilities. Although these intimate connections are rare in an old age, they are very useful for a marriage couple as in spite of a menopause, under the influence of caress, a small amount of estrogens is produced. These estrogens are necessary for old people if they want to be healthy. And what kind of fool is there that disturbs the rest of men? Gray hair can appear in males aged 50-60 years old. At that very moment all women have a menopause. The ovarian function and the production of female hormones gradually decline. And at the same time the interest in intimacy with their husbands is lost. The woman pays no attention to all persuasions and scientific evidence. But men’s androgen can be produced up to 90 -100 years, that is why a man is looking for the way-out. And androgen starts to help where and who looked at him invitingly and where to find an “alternate aerodrome”. The lucky one is that person who will find it! But if he can’t? At that case he will suffer from prostate hyperplasia and prostate adenoma at last. An urogenital canal is covered and there are also a lot of other troubles. As a result, we can notice that only old women usually sit on the benches near the houses. Old men, for various reasons, have gone somewhere else.

There was a time when men with similar problems were simply castrated. Nowadays in some countries the spermiducal canal is exteriorized on the skin’s surface in the crotch, so the chemical castration and surgical excision of prostate adenoma are practiced.

To abirritate the patient to the repeated urination every 15 minutes depriving the person of sleep and leading to the nervous exhaustion, a small amount of ointment containing 1% of estrogen is put to the penis’s head in the preputial sheath. The female hormone absorbs, counter-balances the androgen, the aggravation gets away and the normal sleep restores. The last recommendation is wrong for circumcised men. And what shall we do with these men? Let’s consider the problem below.



On Russian television in many health programs Israeli professors convince that circumcision is a sanitary procedure and a rabbi from Moscow central synagogue is sure that every circumcised boy is getting closer to God, i.e. this is a pious act. My purpose is no to argue with rabbi because he is more informed from the synagogue. But as for the hygiene, I will dispute with the doctors.

Thus, is the foreskin, created by God, bad or good for a person? And who has the right to correct Allah’s business? Israelites confirm that the inimical bacteria may appear under the foreskin, that cause various diseases of men’s urethra, women’s cervical cancer, and even an esophageal cancer during oral sex (?!).

Modern medicine claims that mainly lactic acid bacteria accumulate in the preputial pouch; they are antagonists of putrid harmful microflora. They are easily washed away. Everything will be all right if men wash it at least once in 2-3 days. But if they don’t do it for a long time, e.g. for 1-2 months and even years, as it was during Moisei’s time when he has been leading the Jews on the waterless desert for 40 years, than the circumcision will be the only measure of protection against decay. It was many years ago. Now we have got enough water but it is impossible for circumcised men to bathe. The fact is that the foreskin is not just an easy removable peace of skin, as Israeli doctors say. The foreskin, according to nature or Allah’s plan, performs two inevitable functions necessary for men. They are:

1. The foreskin acts as a valve that doesn’t allow dirty water to fall into the urethra while swimming in the river or lake and cause inflammatory conditions, such as: urethritis and prostatitis. Sharia law prohibits the circumcised men to bath even in common bath. That is why water sports in Muslim countries are not developed and even the lifeguards in these countries don’t know how to swim.

2. The foreskin is a protection for the delicate mucous membrane of male organ’s head. Through this membrane male body in contact with the female genital organs gets female hormones as a bee receives nectar, experiencing an indescribable pleasure. As a result a neutralization of male hormones happens and a man becomes satisfied, good-tempered and kind.

Eventually circumcised men’s delicate mucous membrane turns into a rough leather formation which doesn’t allow the female hormones to impenetrate. Such a man is deprived of the taste of love; he takes pleasure only from the release of his sperm and hormones. He can be compared with a man who has lost all his taste receptors and who doesn’t enjoy the taste of food. The absence of hormonal chemotaxis – the elixir of love – makes the circumcised man at a young age to be constantly unsatisfied, instable, resulting in a change of mentality. Such a man differs from normal uncircumcised men. They are always under an excess of male hormones. And the powerful voice of nature forms the basis of their modified mentality. They always look at women with hungry eyes. They require more frequent sperm’s ejection and testosterone which often involve sexual offences that do not carry any punishment because of the lack of punitive articles of the Criminal Code in many Islamic countries, they say, she did not have time to run and hide, so it was her fault. If the wife can not stand he acquires some lovers or marries every year; wealthy men have 2-3 wives. But very rich men in harems for extra style and special guests’ entertainment had once boys aged 10-12 years. The poor people have to settle for a bordello, and if there is no money, than they use animals or adapt each other or even children. Nowadays they call themselves Gays. They organize Gay parades, demonstrations, gay festivals. They try to impress the normal uncircumcised humanity that they are a completely new gay culture mislaid in pedophiles’ genes and transferred by succession.

If that is so, then the regressive mutations pushed them back to the evolutionary level of dung beetles laying their larva in the dung masses, that is, in their opinion, the punishment for this disorder is impossible. And, according to Russian men and women, this dirty and smelly male specimen, the men-dung beetles rejected by normal women, or a bad host has a herd of non-castrated horses, jumping on each other. This is disgusting but true. They do not feel the taste of love, the taste of woman; they do not care where to throw the semen. A woman in a society like that becomes a second-rate person, who performs, as a rule, a function of a lively simulator to release the semen. They should not have a higher education, the girls get married at the age of 9-12 years old, they do not have an active social and political life and suitable only for childbearing and men’s desires. The wives are being bought like a commodity. And if the wife dies, her husband makes some sexual activities few days later after her death (for example, in Egypt, “Muslim Brotherhood”) until the “commodity” is not completely spoiled. At the beginning of 2013 the higher Islamic circles have started an active discussion concerning the depravity of this action. Therefore, in Jewish and Muslim countries the fertility has always been on the top; abortion and uterine spiral are forbidden there. So, the injuries of uterine cervix are absent, that is why, the cervical cancer in Muslim countries is a very rare phenomenon. And the circumcision is irrelevant for the appearance of the cervical cancer. Soon the representatives of this religion will expel the native population of America, Europe and Russia. The excess of male hormones – androgens, can be consumed also as a result of an intense muscular exercise.

Thus, if you see noisy horsemen dancing a lively lezghinka on Russian cities’ streets or even on the Red Square at night, don’t be hurt because these guys are salacious. After dancing their hormonal balance is restored and they again become kind and non-aggressive. Ramzan Kadyrov also asked not to take the horsemen’s night dancing to the heart and invited Russian guys to dance in the streets of Grozny. And no words can be said against that. But, really if 15-20 young men at 1 a.m. start noisy dancing in the streets of Grozny – what will the residents of Grozny say? Most likely, they will say – What a crazy group of men. In the same way, the horsemen’s dancing are considered to be abnormal. Indeed, when the Russian young men go to dance to the neighboring village, they go there and back with their girls. The young men from the Muslim settlements never go to dance with their girlfriends. Everything is forbidden for their girls, but permitted for the young boys. As for the marriage, they can’t get married without buying a bride. Therefore, thousands of them leave their places and move to Russian cities in order to find a job, thus creating problems in the migration and criminal legislation on the sexual offences’ grounds. The reason for this is the high blood level of male sex hormones which are neutralized by female hormones in the normal conditions. The uncircumcised men receive the love elixir through the honey lips during the kiss and the sexual contact with a woman, which leads to the unspeakable pleasure and pacification.

Now the medicine has proved that the circumcision, pedophilia, AIDS and Kaposi’s swarming are the cause-and-effect links in one chain, i.e. all of these diseases are the Allah’s punishment for revision’s attempt of a celestial organization of a person. According to the data of an American scientist Izrael Pena M. 2002, 95% of the patients with the disease of a Kaposi’s swarming (a rectal cancer and the skin of the lower extremities seen in pedophiles in a passive position) are the homosexuals. This type of a cancer in Asia is popular among the Arabs and Jews and in Europe – among Jews. This misbelieve connected with the circumcision of ancient Arabian Bedouins with the spiritless tenacity is still cultivated. And Israeli professors try to introduce the circumcision in Russia. After all, under their influence we have legalized homosexuality and gay parades in Europe and America. And the leaders of these countries even blame Russian administration for the negation of the gay parades’ advantage, i.e. for human rights violation. So, probably it is necessary not to save the Russians, but Jews and Muslim and then, the people of the same mentality will understand each other better. And a circumcision should be compared with the conscious mutilation leading to the hormonal dependence, when the mature men’s consciousness is always looking for where to throw the androgens, like the addicts in search – where to find another dose.

Some women accept the views of these hyperandrogenic men as the signals of an ethereal love, even get married, and give birth to children. And then it turns out that she is a second or a third wife. And her children have to be also his children who will live abroad. Therefore, the circumcision should be forbidden by the law as a mutilation planned by Judaism and the malicious disrespect to our creator – Allah.

Pope’s headache was the pedophilia among the catholic priests having made a vow of celibacy. And no celestial punishment can stop this unnatural disgrace which can be observed both among the priests and the circumcised men, because this disgrace appears against the background of the high content of male sex hormones. We just have to allow the catholic priests to marry, but forbid the Muslim and Jews to circumcise and let them reproduce, as conceived by God or Nature, as any amendment into Allah’s business will be punished. And the circumcised men should be provided by personal portable milking machines, which can release from the excess of the hormones like the faithful in paradise among seventy virgins.

In 120s AD Roman emperor Hadrian, closely familiar with the homosexuality, banned the circumcision, realizing all the harmfulness. However, the Jews believe that because of the circumcision they are the one and the closest nation to God. They rebelled and Adrian eliminated the state of Israel in his Empire. The Jews dispersed to different countries persecuted by fraternal tribes of Bedouins, Arabs from whom they differed only by the fact that some of them have been cut off, while others haven’t.

This problem has been solved by the cleverest representative of Judaism, Mohammed. We went on to the mount of Arafat, was praying there for a while, and the messenger of God Archangel Zhabrail (the same Archangel Gabriel who 400 years ago took part in the birth of God’s son of the Christians - Jesus) sent him the text of the Koran which became the basis of Islam, according to which there is only one God and Mohammed is the only one Prophet in the world. The new religion was very convenient for the nomads. However, it hasn’t reduced the Jews’ status in approaching to God. And the Jews’ persecution by the tribesmen, now Muslim, continued. In response, the bloody crusaders’ campaigns were organized. It should also be noted that Christianity in European and American countries and Islam in Asian and African countries was implemented by means of the fire and sword.

Although the Jewish rabbis call Christianity and Islam as “scraps from the Jewish table”, the hatred between the representatives of these religions that have appeared on the same Jewish ground, does not stop until now. Moreover, in recent years an odious movement began to grow aggressively which the Jewish masters of verbiage called “gay – culture”. The most wonderful thing that heads of the states, including women, were under the thumb of these addicted to the men’s circumcision. And soon we will see not only the gay parades but also the parades of other kinds of masturbators with animals and lesbians. They involved to this massive humiliation of human dignity even children. On TV screens we hear these children’s cries “Fascists forbid gay parades!” If we continue to remain silent, then under the influence of the aggressive Jewish miracle workers and preachers we will soon find ourselves circumcised. And we will keep our women in the dark corner without any hairstyles and fashionable clothes.

In fact, Christians all over the world still keep a chronology not from the Birth of Christ, as they think, but from the Jewish circumcision a week after Christmas, which was cunningly combined with the celebration of the New Year. People holily and joyfully celebrate the New Year, but practically they only celebrate the Jewish circumcision. It doesn’t pay to draw attention to this unnatural event. Once nomadic people celebrated the New Year in spring, people were happy, that had survived a hard winter; the green grass appeared and the young animals grew. The settled population celebrated the New Year in autumn; the people enjoyed the harvest and storage made for a hard winter. Such an approach was of a great functional importance for people’s survival. But the most accurate, notional and functional burden was concentrated in Maya’s lunar calendar which was abolished by the Catholic priests and which is completely based on astronomical laws of Earth’s natural phenomena and the physiological laws of living things. To my mind, that in the course of time the population of the Earth will return to the Maya’s calendar, where the year was divided into 13 months, with 28 days on which the new moon, the tide and the low tide, the women’s sexual cycle, the foundation of dermal epithelium, etc. happen. Our era will be called the era of the conquest of nuclear energy and space. And doubtful “miracles” of Jewish tales finally will be rejected.

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