Synonyms (“Immunorm”, “ROS”)

Russian patent - №2409376 from September 26, 2006.

A fortifying agent, (the vaccine) subcutaneously causes the production of normal antibodies, which form the basis of natural immunity. Under normal psychological conditions, this immunity remains at a certain level for life-time. If the level of normal antibodies in the serum sometimes reduces to zero for some reasons, the degree of pathological changes in the body can be increased at any age.

To prevent malignant transformation, the appearance of other immune diseases, leading to the premature ageing of somatic sells, the vaccine is used, the immunizing components of which are relict, primeval, cytoplasmic, L-bacterial membranes, which are related to the membranes of cancer cells on the structure of the antigen and subcutaneously causes the production of specific anticancer, i.e. normal antibodies. And also it is used for treatment on the first stages of hormone-dependent cancers (mastopathy, ovarian cyst, fibroid, prostate), skin cancer, prophylaxis of metastases in the pre- and post-operating periods. The vaccine that is ready to use, packaged in villas of 1 ml each; it contains 8-10 b. heat-killed microbial cells in saline solution. At a temperature of +2ْ +8ْ the vaccine is kept for 8 months, under refrigeration – unlimited.

One ml of the vaccine is inserted aseptically, subcutaneously in the middle third of the inner surface of the forearm or on 1-2 sm. above the ill lacteal gland in the case of a mastopathy; under the shoulder-blade in the case of cold-related diseases; in the upper third of the buttock in the case of the ovarian cyst, fibroid, prostate for preventive treatment: near the skin’s cancerous affections and below the thyroid body in the case of its disease. Individuals with normal immunologic reactivity in 1-3 hours have a painful, inflammatory edema and a dermahemia on the point of insertion, which disappear 3-5 days later, the body’s temperature increases on 1ْ -3ْ C. One can observe the general uneasiness in the first 2 days and the exasperation of the pain syndrome even in adiagnostic previously cancerous areas. There is no need to take any analgesic agents or anti-febrile medicine. During 2 days after vaccination the bed rest is recommended, and during a month after vaccination the body should be provided with nutritious food and multivitamins. Smoking and strong drinks are contraindicative.

To prevent the appearance of any oncological diseases one shouldn’t allow an abortion, the use of antifertility agents, vaginal loops and a religious circumcision, everything that reduces the level of the female sex hormones (estrogens) and increases the level of male sex hormones (androgens). To determine the effectiveness of the vaccination, in the blood serum the titre of the complete antibodies before the vaccination and after one month of vaccination is estimated with the help of the serum test. If the generalized and the local reactions to the vaccine injection were very poor and the titre of antibodies increased little more than 1:40, than 2 months later the revaccination is performed to the same dose. Individuals with normal immunologic reactivity, vaccinated with the preventive and medical objective, the body’s resistence is increased, the general medical condition is enhanced, the skin’s protective function and mucous membrane function are improved. It enhances the work of the internal parts of the body; the hair and teeth loss stop; the reconstructive processes after injuries, beaming finish, the pustular diseases vanish, the symptoms of autoimmune diseases – a rheumatism, a systemic sclerosis, etc. vanish or weaken. People become resistant to the flu, cold-related diseases, herpes, chlamydiosis, the allergic reactions to the sun, some flowers and some other positive changes vanish.

The use of the vaccine leads to the malaxation and to further disappearance of the initial stages of hormone- dependent forms of cancer (mastopathy, ovarian cyst, fibroid, prostate and also skin cancer). In the neglected cases after immunization there is a slowdown of the proliferation and metastasis. But there is no considerable effect on the tumor’s rejection without any surgical or other procedure. The subcutaneous vaccination doesn’t affect as on the benign tumor (such as: endometriosis, hyperplasia of the prostate), as on the lung and brain cancer.

The regular immunization of population every 3-5 years in districts with bad ecology and in families where there were some cases of cancer, individuals with low level of immunity, will help to preserve people’s health to the extreme old age. This prognosis is doubtful only for people with the incurable immunity deficit.


PRECATIONS: Emerging infection diseases, high temperature, hypertonic crisis, extreme emaciation, second half of the pregnancy, vessels thrombosis.

For more details see the Monograph – Reznikov B.F. “The vaccine against cancer” – www.rucont.ru.
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