As a result of conversations with reporter of “Time” in 2002 was published article “THE INVENTION OF Dr REZNIKOV”, where was told the candidate of biological sciences ReznikovB.F. created the vaccine against cancer. In spite of such bold headline, that time I really hesitated if it was an invention. Analysing own studies on animals and bacteria which I have made for 33 years and literature data, now I am absolutelly shure that a really discovery was made and not one. The first discovery is that bacteria get old and “are ill” by cancer too, turning in L-form. On the grounds of this invention for the fist time in the world I formulated the “universal theory of cells’aging for multicellular and unicellular organisms”. The essence of the discovery consists in that aging in itself presents unceasing chain of retrogressive mutations, but cancerous cells are its last section, bringing cells in initialrelic condition with transition on relic unoxygen type of energy-supply. Only nervious cells perish, avoiding phases of aging and neoplastic transformation, as they are not capable to switch on glycolysis. The second discovery consists in that bacterial, cancerous cells and cancerous cells of animals are close by many physiological signs, they lose the cytoderm, all aspectual signs and cytoplasm of cells is limited by cytoplasmic membrane, related on antigenic structure of bacteria and animals, i.e. immunity worked out against bacterial membranes is anticancer immunity. In other words, L-forms of bacteria are our the most distant relatives. The third discovery: retrogressive mutations of all cellular forms, i.e. aging and cancerous regenerations have taken place for a period of the whole evolutions of alive organisms. So for prevention of the premature aging and cancerous regeneration, the nature created the universal mechanism of protection – normal antibodies which simultaneously are as anticancer and against cytoplasmic membranes. These antibodies are sent to baby with mother’s milk and are saved on necessary level for the whole life. If for some reasons the level of anticancer antibodies in blood falls before critical level, the organism will become defenceless not only to cancerous, but also to the other diseases. The fourth discovery – cytoplasmic membranes bear the enormous osmotic pressure in cells, breaking even bones,but easily are destroyed by atmospheric pressure. On the ground of these discoveries I have made three important inventions, registered in committee of inventions. I have offered the easy and public serologic way of determination the amount of normal (anticancer) antibodies in blood, allowed to conduct the mass studies in ordinary diagnostic labolatories for revealing the groups of risk, to which belong people reacted positively on dilution of serum in proportion 1:10 or don’t react at all. The second invention – for the purpose of preventive and medical immunization is offered vaccine, immunizing components of which are relic bacterial cytoplasmic membranes, which on antigenic structure are related to cancerous cells and at parenteral introduction they cause the production of spesific anticancer antibodies. So vaccine is intended for prophylaxis of premature aging and neoplastic transformation of the somatic sells of organism, as well as treatment of the first stages of hormone-dependent tumors (mastitis, ovarians cyst, myoma, adenoma of prostates, prostatitis), and prophylaxis of metastasis in before- and after-operation periods of radical ablation of all types of tumors. For the purpose of determinations of vaccination’s efficiency in blood serum the subtitle of anticancer antibodies determines before vaccination and then in 3-4 weeks after vaccination by means of serologic reaction. If the general and local reactions on vaccine were very weak and subtitle of anticancer antibodies increased in more than 2 times, so in 2-3 months is conducted the revaccination with the same draught. The general resistibility of organism, defensive function of skin and mucous membrane increases that sharply improves the work of internal organs, the fallout of hair and teeth stops, the reconstruction process after traumas quicker passes, the rheymatic arthritises disappear, organism becomes firm to influenza, herpes, catarrhal diseases, the allergic reactions on sun, some plants disappear and other positive changes, inhibited the aging of organism are among people with normal immunological reaction,injected with preventive and medical purpose. If prophylaxis begin to make after 40 years, the length of healthy without cancer life will reach its maximum, i.e. 100-120 years. The using of the vaccine with medical purpose brings to softening and further disappearing of initial stages of hormone-dependent forms of tumors (mastitis, ovarians cyst, myoma, adenoma of prostates, prostatitis). In neglected cases and tumors, located in cavity and on skin, after immunization the braking of proliferation and metastasis occurs. But more essential influence on tumors’seizure without surgical or other interference does not occur. The third invention – the way of immune treatment of the cancerous ulcers in atmosphere of low pressure. The excellent results are received at treatment of basiliom of skin by way of immunization of the whole organism, bringing the vaccine and immune serum directly on cancerous ucler with the following vaccum influence on it. It is managed to treat by such way uclers on skin without surgical interference, irradiations and chemistry-therapy. The results of these preliminary studies allow to hope that oncologists will advance the offered inventions and in the years ahead the era of preventive oncology will begin. The diagnosis “Cancer”will not hung as axe, as something inevitable, irreparable. In order to be shure in tomorrow each of us can pass the checkup on anticancer antibodies and solve if he needs defensive inoculation or not. After that the word CANCER will not cause the mystic terror, but will be perceived as other diseases – influenza, scabies and etc. However the final verdict must stand The Scientific Oncological Centre. I am sure at active immunization the influence of radiation will be minimum and restorative process – maximum, what is very important for our population in ecologically unfavourable regions, and also for military people, sportsmen and spacemen. I am sure there is no better against cancer preparation in the world than “Generally Strengthening Remedy in Treatment of Neoplasms”(it is called so in the patent from 2002). And I hope the Government will cooperate in its introduction in oncological practice. And only after that we will be secured from oncologyical diseases and the lehgth of life without diseasesin old age will rise to maximum.

The Candidate of the biological sciences Reznikov B.F.

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